Asit Das

I, Captain Asit Das Joined ASP Ship Management as Chief Officer in 2011.
Since then I have served on various ASP Managed Tanker vessels carrying various types of Chemicals, Oil and Vegetable Oils. Besides developing cognitive skills, the opportunity to serve with multi -national crew, gives us a wider exposure and empower us understand cultures of various nationalities.

Surrounded by the pristine skilled personnel and peers, both at ship and shore; a perfect team work is always perceived. Further to this, each individual is constantly is distinctively monitored, trained and evaluated. Thereby enriching and transforming every individual to the highest levels maritime industrial standards.

The Company’s “PTE” Promotion, Training and Evaluation process serves as a potential tool for future prospects and career development.
Under this process, one is required to carry out variety of “Next rank” tasks under the supervision of Senior Officers and finally evaluated.
This PTE along with EDR (Employment Development Review) is sent to office, for further scrutiny & analyses.

Undergoing the above process, I got promoted to the rank of MASTER.

The company also has “State of Art” In-house training facility at Mumbai. The highly dedicated and connoisseur team of “Training and Manning Dept.” have been constantly supportive and are of great assistance in facilitating our careers.

At the conclusion, I feel truly proud and privileged to be a part of ASP Ship management.