Third Officer

Joel Dela Fuente

I joined ASP after passing their qualifying oral and written examination for their cadetship program which they conducted in our Maritime School and in ASP office in Manila way back 2007. Being one of those in the program, they sent me to MT Oceanic Cerise as a cadet to complete my training program. After completing my cadetship, I took Licensure examination for OIC- of Navigational Watch.

Passing the licensure examination and completing all the required documents / trainings for OIC-NW, they sent me to M/T Botany Troubadour which is now ASL Troubadour as junior officer. After serving 3 months as Junior Officer, They promoted me to full pledged third officer. Then on, they sent me back to ASL Troubadour, sent twice to Stolt Violet and in Asphalt Sailor recently as Third Officer