Third Officer

Jeffrey R. Gagan

I Jeffrey R. Gagan Joined ASP Crew Management Services Inc. As a Training Cadet in the ASP Office Back 2007.I Joined my first ship Feb. 2008 as a deck cadet in a Bulk Carrier and the vessel was been sold after my 3 months tenure and they transfer me in Botany Troubadour Oil/Chemical Vessel. I finished my Cadetship program October 2009 and Pass my Licensure Examination July 2010. I completed my trainings and important documents October 2010. And I joined Elbtank Germany as an Ordinary Seaman. joined Oceanic vessels as Able bodied seaman. And then I became a junior officer in ASL Troubadour and after 6 months became a full pledge 3rd officer. And my last vessel is Anatolia Pacific. I have learned a lot of things in joining ASP Crew Management family.

Thank you so much to ASP Crew Management Service Inc. for supporting me throughout my career.