Chief Officer

Sairusi Qalobula Nadavo

I started of my Deck Cadetship training at the Fiji School of Maritime Studies from 2001 to 2005, during this time I manage to serve my local Sea Service on General Cargo ships, Passenger ships and Ro-Ro vessels trading locally and Foreign Going Sea Service on Container ships, LPG tankers and Oil tankers.

In 2005 after graduating, I attained my class 3 Master / OOW license’s and manage to serve onboard an Oil Tanker trading the south pacific as a Chief Officer for 6 months, in mid-2006 to 2007 I joined Origin Energy and served 2 contracts on their LPG tankers as GPH and Junior 3rd Officer. In early 2008 I joined the Hernings Shipping and sail on their Oil/Chemical tanker “Sara Theresa” as a 3rd Officer for 2 months and gained promotion to 2nd Officer and served for 6 months. Early 2009 I joined ASP Ship management and was fortunate to be given an opportunity to undergo training in the Philippines for 2 months and later I joined as a 3rd Officer on the Oil/Chemical Tanker “Oceanic Crimson” for 11 months, during this time I manage to learn a lot of things and gained valuable experience. In 2010 I was posted to the Oil/Chemical tanker “ Botany Troubador” as a 2nd Officer for 4 months, from August 2010 to June 2011 I went for my Class 1 Mate/Master Studies at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies in UK after returning I went and did a few training in Mumbai India, and December 2011 I joined as a 2nd Officer on the Chemical tanker “Stolt Pondo” for 5 months, I was fortunate to be on the first Stolt vessel to be manage by ASP Ship Management. In mid-2012 I joined as a 2nd Officer on the Oil tanker “Anatolia Sea” trading in the South Pacific. I did few contracts before the ship was sold to a new owner, in mid-2013 the replacement was to be delivered from Istanbul, Turkey to Fiji; I was given the opportunity to be the 2nd Officer for the delivery of Anatolia Pacific. It took 2 months for the delivery of the vessel, we encounter some technical problems along the way while the vessel was transiting through the Gulf of Aden, we had to drift in the open seas for 2 days then we manage to steam across to the nearest port which was Oman, luckily we had Armed security guards onboard and our piracy watch was well maintained and managed properly. Our first loading port was Pasir Gudang in Malaysia and the cargo “Gas Oil” was discharged in Suva, Fiji.

During my time as a 2nd Officer I was keen to learn the Chief Officers job, and in early 2014 I finally got my promotion as a Chief Officer on the “Anatolia Pacific”. I have already completed 3 contracts and will join shortly for my fourth contract after completing my training in Manila, Philippine’s. During this time as a Chief Officer I gained valuable experience when actually doing the job.

During this 6 years with ASP I have the privilege to sail with different nationality and get to know them and a bit of their culture and also develop good friendship and also the ASP staffs at different Office overseas I have been to, with their kind attitude. I can honestly say that ASP Ship Management has given me the opportunity to fulfill my career through employment and training; it has motivated me to work harder in order to achieve my main goal that is to gain my promotion to be in command as a Master.

Thank you……..