Stryzhkov Dmytro

Second Officer Stryzhkov Dmytro joined the ASP fleet in 2012 as a Junior Officer. He has a few words to say about his career and offers advice to those individuals who are just starting their career with ASP.

“I have completed three contracts on different types of tankers in ASP as bitumen, oil/chemical tankers. I joined ASP tanker fleet in 2012 as Junior Officer. I was promoted as 3rd Officer in ASP fleet in 2013 early summer. That was a bitumen carrier MT ASPHALT CARRIER under a very good and experienced Polish Master Maciej Kowalski. I can say that for the 3rd Officer “beginner” for starting of own seaman career there were no any other ships better than this one. Than few contacts after, as 3rd Officer, I was promoted to 2nd Officer position. That was a new step in my career with a good help of ASP. I have served one contract as Second Officer on MT ASPHALT SAILOR and that was a good time for obtaining of new skills and experience. Currently I am engaged with developing of my skills which will help me in future to become a Chief Officer.

I have met different types of crew nationalities as Filipino, Polish, Bangladesh, Indian. And all of them have different styles of good ordinary seaman practice that has been handed down from mouth to mouth for many years. That was a good lesson for me as you could not find these seaman’s “secrets” in any publication. This particularly shows a good effect of mixed crews aboard ASP ships.

I can say that I’m a young Mate, I’ve seen not so many ships, ship managements, crew managements, ship owners etc., but from those I’ve seen ASP is one of all the best companies in the world. Special thanks for ASP Odessa for a good crew employment and for employment of an experienced, skillful and good attitude officers.”

Since cadet’s time Second Mate Stryzhkov Dmytro is in fond of studying stars, planets same as astronomy and celestial navigation. He belongs to those seaman who believes that celestial navigation is still alive and can prove its use. He also likes sports as playing basketball, tennis, gym exercises etc., as health in seaman’s life as he says is very important link. He has a very good and wonderful wife and family. For sure what we can say about him that he is a very happy in his life and job.