Capt. Vikram Singh Sambyal

My name is Capt. Vikram Singh Sambyal and I Joined ASP Ship Management as Chief Officer in 2012. Since joining I have been working onboard ASP managed oil/chemical vessels carrying a wide range of various liquid cargoes. When onboard the vessels I have worked with multiple nationalities, which gives the crews a chance to learn and understand different working and social cultures. I have recently been promoted to the rank of Master which is due to the very good program of career development, which exists in the ASP Group. Apart from doing our job we are encouraged to learn the responsibilities of holding a senior rank, which is part of company’s Policy of Promotion , Training and Evaluation ( PTE). Within the PTE we are required to perform certain tasks under the supervision of our seniors we then have it checked by the ship’s Master. This PTE together with the Employee Development Review (EDR ) is sent to the head office management for regular evaluation. ASP has an excellent In-house training facility in Mumbai with supporting and caring Training and Manning staff who are always ready to assist us.