Engine Cadet

Jarin Chowdhury

I am Jarin Chowdhury, writing not only to cherish memories but also to share my experience as 1st female seafarer in a foreign-flagged vessel in the history of Bangladesh. In brief I want to tell, why joining in ASP Ships Group was a dream come true to me. As all reputed companies used to recruit male cadets only for their fleet from Bangladesh, It was really unbelievable that ASP Ships Group is the first company that took the challenging decision to recruit females from Bangladesh. In this era of women empowerment, many of the countries are supplying female manpower to the maritime market. Being a reputed supplier of maritime manpower in the global maritime market Bangladesh was lagging in this aspect. Thanks to ASP Ships Group for believing in us. Fortunately, I qualified and was enlisted for recruitment. Joining in ASP Ships Group managed vessel unveiled a new horizon in my carrier.

The first few days after getting onboard, the toughest thing to me was to adapt to the workspace. The superiors especially the Captain, Chief Engineer, and Second Engineer showed much interest to guide me and were very cooperative to me for getting myself familiar with my duties. They always advised me not to think about what others say and not to be bothered. I was lucky that I got some helpful hands to get expertized myself to get adopted and becoming a good professional within a short time. Besides, I really appreciate ASPCM Dhaka for their regular inquiry about my progress throughout my contract.

I would rather say my first contract with the ASP Ships Group was a favourable one. I was the only female on board but for a single moment, I never found myself alone there. I got colleagues with verities of countries. I was a bit worried while joining in the multinational environment for the first time in my life. But I was wrong, people were very cordial and optimistic which helped me a lot to find myself comfortable with my duties and to finish my contract successfully. I am grateful to the ASP Ships Group and its associates for enrolling me in their fleet.