Marine Personnel Recruitment

ASPCM maintains a stringent recruitment procedure with multi-layered interviews and continuous risk assessment (continuing competency assessment) of personnel. 

Armed with a highly experienced and professional recruitment team, every aspect of the selection process exceeds the industry norms, STCW and ISM.  Each ASPCM

office employs recruitment officers with a comprehensive understanding of SIRE, CDI, TMSA and Client experience matrix requirements.

The important task of relief planning and maintenance of crew records is facilitated using a centralized database system networked throughout the group. 

The database is updated on a continuous basis with medical, certification and other information including training records and crew appraisal results.

At ASP we believe in the principle of career progression from cadet through to senior officer and then to shore based management.

Providing a Career Path

ASP Crew Management has introduced a sustainable career path program within the company.

Officers and Ratings have defined advancement opportunities from their initial cadet training through to senior ranks at the culmination of their careers.

This ensures a sense of belonging, work place familiarity, loyalty and pride.     

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