The ASP Group believes that well trained, well rewarded, contented crews and shore staff, are fundamental to well managed and safe ships. ASP Crew Management always strives to ensure the highest skills standards and competencies for both crews and shore staff. Maintaining this through career progression, innovation and constant communication.


ASP Crew Management provides the highest quality crews and shore based personnel worldwide. ASP Crew Management is a major crew recruitment sources worldwide and has branches offices in Singapore, Philippines, India, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Myanmar, New Zealand and Australia.

Teamwork, leadership and value-added training are the essential ingredients of quality crews. ASP has built a large pool of dedicated personnel by a strong emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, commitment and professionalism. A centralized database, networked throughout the group is updated on a continuous basis with medical, certification and other information including training records and crew appraisal results.

A high crew retention rate has been achieved by regular communication and a commitment to staff well-being. By looking after the welfare our personnel and their families we facilitate trouble free sailing for our managed vessels. ASP Crew management supports internationally recognized maritime Unions and Organization which benefit seafarers, families and employers. We coordinate closely with the P&I Clubs for the expedient and amicable settlement of medical claims. Our team ensures that any infirm seafarer receives the appropriate medical attention to ensure a speedy recovery and a prompt return to work.  

ASP Crew Management holds ISO 9001 and Crew Manning Office Part 2: Private Recruitment and Placement Service based on the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, Regulation 1.4 accreditation from DNVGL.  

ASP Group Training provides real and relevant training required to achieve the Group’s goals. As a result of the regular training and career path philosophy, highly competent crews can be retained. Continuous upgrading of crew and management skills improves their opportunities and rewards. This makes the individual comfortable and willing to continue their career with ASP Crew Management (ASPCM). ASPCM is involved in leading maritime training institutions in a number of countries. Our training policy is especially focused on attracting bright and energetic individuals to train as deck and engineering cadets with the potential to become future officers. ASP wants to ensure that our trainee officers not only receive training, but they are provided with a career path, meaning they can visualize a path to the most senior ranks. These people will also be a future source of senior shore staff for the client's we serve.

No enterprise can operate without quality staff. ASP Crew Management Services is operated by highly experienced and motivated personnel with a deep sense of integrity. Thereby ensuring we achieve the highest standards.