The ASP Manila Seafarers Wive’s Association 2016

The ASP Manila Seafarers Wive’s Association welcomed 2016 by having lunch with ASP staff, followed by a short meeting led by Sheryl Vecena-Mabini and Raquel Balbiran-Aquino. The Group discussed future plans for the Association and an Open Forum on Being a Seafarer’s Wife also took place. These plans are expected to develop greater camaraderie between wives and with ASP staff and crews.
Sheryl and Vivian (Account Officers, ASP Manila) shared experiences about allotments, and how crew wives should handle those issues. C/E Efren Robles and Capt Marcelino Baustista Jr., also discussed the modus operandi of some unscrupulous people who victimise seafarer’s wives and what action to take.

Future activities will consist of events that can also help other sections of the community, such as Blood Donation programs and Gift Giving to street children and orphanages etc during the festive seasons.