Tanker Mini Seminars Continued

The program of Mini Training Seminars introduced in 2014 continue, with recent tanker training in Manila and Mumbai and on board vessels at sea and in New Zealand. In addition to ASP staff lecturers, shipping industry representatives act as guest speakers, bringing extra knowledge and experience to the attendees.


A total of 18 seafarers, comprising six senior officers, eight junior officers and four petty officers, attended a Mini Seminar for ASP Tanker crews in February, conducted at the ASP Crew Management office in Manila, Philippines. Resource speakers included Singapore Fleet Manager Stevan Connelly, Regional Training Coordinator and Quality Assurance Manager Marcelino Bautista Jr. The invited guest speaker was Capt Jose Sales, Assessor and Senior Training Instructor at the Philippines Centre for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training.

Established in 1992 as the country’s first maritime training centre and certified by DNV-GL, its mission is to develop world class capability for Filipino officers and crews. Stevan Connelly spoke on reflective learning, the cause of a recent accident, and piracy in South-East Asia, while Marcelino Bautista discussed a hand injury incident and a technical bulletin on high level alarms with a workshop on both presentations. He also discussed Health Bulletins. Capt Sales discussed entry into enclosed spaces in relation to new regulations recently introduced. After the presentations of the resource speakers, Vitaliy Chayka, ASPCM General Manager, reviewed the feedback of the attendees. 


Another ASP Crew Management Mini Seminar was held in Mumbai on March 12 attended by nine seafarers. ASP Group Training Manager Capt Prabhat Nigam welcomed the participants and speakers. ASP Singapore GM, Capt Robert Walker discussed reflective learning, while Capt Prabhat Nigam gave a briefing on the latest Regulatory changes that have recently been implemented by IMO. Stevan Connelly, Singapore Fleet Manager, discussed lessons learnt from various recent reported incidents.