Manila blood donors

ASP Crew Management Services (ASPCMS) Manila and the ASP Seafarers’ Wives Association, together with the Rotary Club of Makati Legaspi, have initiated a quarterly blood donation and collection campaign for the Red Cross and the Philippine Government hospitals.

The first two collections were held in March, the first being at the ASPCMS Manila office, attended by Pasay General Hospital staff who prepared the donors, and was supervised by Philippines Red Cross staff.

A total of 29 ASP seafarers, staff and trainees from Philippine Coast Guard gave blood. Smiling faces were testimony to their satisfaction that they were helping to save and lengthen the lives of others. The second blood collection was held in the offices of Marlow Navigation where 50 Marlow cadets donated a total of 25,000cc. Another 15 interested donors were unable to donate blood because of low haemoglobin count, high blood pressure, or factors such as tattoos, ear piercing, and minor health issues.