Crew Change amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

As we continue to battle with the threat of COVID-19 ashore and afloat, with the primary focus on avoiding infection, the protection of health and saving lives has come with a heavy price for seafarers. They have been ‘locked’ on-board with no shore leave and extensions to repatriation plans.

Some restrictions have eased recently and ASP have managed to effect some crew changes when the opportunity has arisen. The process is still governed by the requirements of the Country allowing crew changes and strict procedures have to be followed, but so far changes have taken place across the world from Asia, to Europe and South America.

Group Crewing Director, Vitalii Chaika, said “It is a very challenging time for everyone as we work hard to get people home and those ashore working again. It hasn’t been easy with various restrictions and procedures in place, getting the timing right for everything to come together and be successful. We continue to work night and day, with emotions running high as we meet with successes but also some disappointments.”

To date, ASP has managed over 20 successful crew changes on 15 ships world-wide but have also experienced some disappointing failed attempts due to various restrictions.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges and we are extremely proud of the proactive approach we have taken, especially when it comes to alternative travel solutions in the absence of regular flights and in the face of severe travel restrictions.” said Group COO Capt Rob Walker. “As we continue working to overcome our disappointments we need to prepare ourselves for any revised restrictions that may be imposed by various

Governments as the crisis is most definitely not over.”

On the photo: The Sichem Hong Kong crew also paying off finally after their long haul.